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Flux Team

Jess Hobbs
Co-Director, Artist & Instigator

People have often described Jessica Hobbs as someone trying to lead a compulsively artistic life, which is more or less true. She started off her adventure in a small Sierra Foothill town and eventually meandered her way to the San Francisco Bay Area. Along the way Jess has worn many hats: running and creating community art programs, counseling teenagers, curating, exhibiting, designing, photographing and playing with some girls who love lipstick and accelerants. She is an MFA graduate from the San Francisco Art Institute and has been wandering and creating large scale art around the world for well over a decade. She believes collaboration is key in community and art.

Peter Kimelman
Co-Director, Artist & Instigator 

Peter Kimelman (PK) is an artist, architect and designer whose work spans the arbitrary boundaries of building, interior, graphic, and event design. A New York City native, PK moved to San Francisco to practice after spending several years in architectural publishing. Passionate about cultural criticism and architectural pedagogy he has taught design, theory and digital technology at several institutions including UCLA, Iowa State, Woodbury, and Drury Universities. Recently, his research on wine and design for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art was on view in the exhibit, How Wine Became Modern. He has worked for several prominent San Francisco architecture firms, and, with Flux colleague, Ben Anderson, he recently formed Sope, an inter-disciplinary design studio. He received his Masters in Architecture from UCLA and his Bachelors of Architecture from Cornell University.

Rebecca Anders
Co-Director, Artist & Instigator 

Rebecca is a passionate sculptor and metal fabricator whose work focuses on engaging, large-scale public art. She and Jess Hobbs have been collaborating and scheming since the 1990′s in arts groups such as Cellspace Arts Collective, the Flaming Lotus Girls, and now Flux Foundation. Rebecca received a BFA from Cornell University and since resides and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. She lends her incredible skills as an artist, teacher and inspiring creator to the Flux Foundation as she leads the building of monumental art that stops people in their tracks. Rebecca has taught metalworking with the Crucible in Oakland CA and Cellspace in San Francisco, and creates unique metal fabrications professionally. When she isn’t behind her welding hood, she’s cultivating her beautiful garden in West Oakland.

Catie Magee
Administrative Director

To say Catie is a woman of many talents barely scratches the surface. Originally from Tucson, AZ, her Bay Area life is dedicated to building community and finding innovative ways to infuse creativity into her work as a public health professional. Catie brings her passion for coalescing people to collaborate, create and learn along with her expertise in project management, research and education to the Flux Foundation. Catie received her Master of Public Health from San Francisco State and her BA in Psychology from Boston College. When she’s not building art and fire or being a public health nerd, Catie plays the ukulele wherever and whenever she can.

  Thwen Chaloemtiarana

Thwen lives at the corner of precision and chaos. At the Flux Foundation, he links visions and ideals through art projects, connecting dreams to people and their tools. In roles ranging from metal fabrication to resource and workflow management, Thwen brings logic and creativity to Flux. Away from Flux, Thwen is a homemaker, shuttling two daughters to school then artistic and athletic pursuits, even acting as their school’s music teacher and ‘lunch lady.’ He received a B.A. from Cornell University before graduate work at the University of Michigan. A multilingual and multicultural child of Bangkok, Thailand and Ithaca, New York, Thwen has lived as a poet, defense contractor, rower, drum major, editor, hockey player, fine arts model, car racer, and surfer.

  Ben Anderson
Art Director

Ben C. Anderson AIA is a principal and founder of Sope, a Bay Area architecture studio. A busy man of many talents, he comes from a family of musicians and plays the bass. As a native of the Finger Lakes, if you don’t see him playing the bass, and he isn’t working in the office, or building art in the shop, most likely you can probably find sailing the SF Bay. Before founding Sope and after receiving his B. Arch from Cornell he was the principal of the Anderson Studio for Architecture and serves as FLUX’s resident expert on wood construction.


Paul Belger

Paul is a producer, field director, event and volunteer coordinator who has worked with Harpo Productions, Bonnaroo and Alloy Digital among others. Paul transforms crews of staff and volunteers into tight and efficient teams, naturally motivating them to work at their greatest potential. He is an innate collaborator who sees every project through to fruition. He’s a born and bred Jersey boy who recently escaped from Brooklyn and now calls the Bay Area home. Paul holds a BFA in Theater and is dad to the coolest little boy in the world.

Paul Showalter
Minister of Sinformation

Paul can generally be found digging into Arduinos, rigging solenoids or waxing poetic about the new computer laser cutting machine down at the TechShop. Often acting as the digital angel of the Flux Foundation, he makes websites and mailing lists work, as well as generally making computers work better for the organization. Paul has had a hand in a lot of big art, including the Flaming Lotus Girl’s Mutopia and Flux’s Fishbug. He also helps run a restaurant at burning man called the White Dragon Noodle Bar. This year, he’s made a commitment to finish one project a week all year. You can read all about his work on his blog: http://finish52.com/




Colinne Hemrich
Production Director

After earning her Bachelor of Arts degree from Beloit College, Colinne migrated from Chicago to San Francisco along with her husband in 1994. The youngest child of a blue-collar intellectual father and a white-collar bohemian mother, Colinne was taught to weld, mold clay and listen to stories, as well as to love books and a proper cup of tea. Her earliest memories are of community, art and larger-than-life dinner parties hosted by her parents. Now based in Southern California, Colinne is Owner of Contact Event Services managing events and lifting heavy objects.