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The Sounds of Dreamland


Dreamland is our most technologically sophisticated sculpture to date. It is kinetic, it uses a high proportion of CNC manufactured components, its has computer controlled lighting, sound and flame effects. All of the effects are controlled by buttons and a very sensitive set of accelerometers and/or gyroscopes, to provide feedback from participants via individual input and the use of a golden spin ring.

It is also our most collaborative, with carpenters, programmers, engineers, electricians, audio engineers and expert welders coming together with seamstresses, painters, visual artists and project managers within the FLUX family to make it happen. We are also collaborating with an extended family of artists including Kate Raudenbush and a talented group of sound designers and electronic music producers to create beautiful soundscapes for the piece. We are excited to feature the sounds of:

Marques Wyatt (deep-la.com)

Jem Stone (soundcloud.com/jemstone)

Simon Shackleton (simonshackleton.org)

Sleight of Hands (soundcloud.com/sleightofhands)

Roxanne Roll (soundcloud.com/roxanneroll)

Mister Sushi (soundcloud.com/misterssushi)

Myagi (myagimusic.com)

Flavio LeMelle (flaviolemelle.com

Shengi (soundcloud.com/shengi)


and more!


Please lend us your financial support to bring more wonder to the world!


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