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Inspired by the wonder of childhood carnival rides, Dreamland is an immersive and interactive environment. A whimsical experience of vivid colors, dazzling light and flame transport participants to the world of spectacle and the carnivalesque. As participants interact with the sculpture, they discover that they control the movement of the piece by turning a circular, central […]

la·cu·na (ləˈk(y)o͞onə/) noun: an unfilled space or interval; a gap; a missing portion in a book or manuscript. Inspired by the nomadic structures of Central Asia as well as formal civic buildings like Rome’s Pantheon, Lacuna’s design focuses attention on the historical importance of books as a means of spreading knowledge and their more typical […]

In April 2015, FLUX installed its latest sculpture, Bloom!, at the “Second Nature: Junk Rethunk” exhibition at the Philadelphia Zoo. In Second Nature, artists from all over the world recycle, reuse and repurpose everyday materials into amazing works of animal-inspired sculpture. The Zoo commissioned over 15 new works from artists around the world, and FLUX […]

Canopy is a site-specific installation created in October 2013 for the Atrium Court of Hamilton Hall at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. This interactive work was created in conjunction with the Creating Exhibitions: Collaboration in Planning, Development, and Design of Interpretive Experiences symposia. A giant gridded canopy of paper umbrellas filters the […]

Inspired by Shel Silverstein’s Poem “Where The Sidewalk Ends,” this piece was commissioned for the Coachella 2013 Music & Arts Festival. A sidewalk rising in a gentle meandering curve, peeled away from the earth to reveal the mysterious underbelly of infrastructure as it climbs into the air. A pathway lined with benches and lamp-posts passes […]

Fertility can be understood as the space and propensity for growth. The most unlikely of things must conspire to create something unexpected. A deceptively small, almost unknowable thing can take root and flourish into something far more complex, unknowable and unpredictable from its inauspicious beginnings. A thought can grow into a revolution, an encounter into […]

The FLUXcycles are mobile fire sculptures built by FLUX Foundation artists. These low-cost, high-impact sculptures have a simple design: a light-weight metal sculpture with an interactive flame effect on wheels. They wow crowds wherever they go and are favorites at events like Art Murmur in Oakland, Maker Faire and the Brewery Art Walk in Los […]

Colony was an interactive, collaborative project of the FLUX Foundation sponsored by The Museum Group (TMG) and created at the 2012 American Alliance of Museums annual meeting in Minneapolis, MN with 5,000 conference participants. TMG nominated the FLUX Foundation as their annual Thought Leader for the conference, inviting FLUX to give a presentation at the […]

BrollyFlock (2011) is a renegade flock of umbrellas. Commissioned by Insomniac, producer of innovative music festivals and a supporter of large-scale, interactive art, it creates a fun and inviting installation, producing light, shade, mist and fire. It is a dancing swirl of mixed materials anchored by over-sized handles to a wide base. The sculpture consists […]

Spire of Wishes (2010) was commissioned by the Black Rocks Arts Foundation (BRAF) and temporarily installed in the Bentley Reserve Building in San Francisco in November 2010 for BRAF’s annual fundraising event, the Artumnal Gathering. The Bentley Reserve is a former Federal Reserve Bank, and the piece spoke directly to its surroundings. Built of recycled […]

Drawing its inspiration from canyons carved by wind and water over time, the Temple of Flux (2010) was commissioned by Burning Man for their 2010 event. It rose from the Black Rock Desert floor as a series of five graceful double-curved walls, structures mirroring its surrounding landscape. The walls stood in an overlapping, linear layout, […]

Fishbug / Chimera Sententia (2009) is a steel-based structure commissioned by Black Rock City, LLC, for the 2009 Burning Man festival that describes a living creature at pause while it considers radical visions its mind can barely accommodate. Its extremities are exposed sculpted steel, and its thorax and head are covered in a flexible skin. […]