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In April 2015, FLUX installed its latest sculpture, Bloom!, at the “Second Nature: Junk Rethunk” exhibition at the Philadelphia Zoo. In Second Nature, artists from all over the world recycle, reuse and repurpose everyday materials into amazing works of animal-inspired sculpture. The Zoo commissioned over 15 new works from artists around the world, and FLUX was honored to be included with such company. The exhibition ran from March – October 2015.

Bloom! is an outrageous arrangement of perennial flowers and monarch butterflies created from upcycled mixed materials. Originally commissioned for a 2015 exhibition at the Philadelphia Zoo that showcased sculptures made out of trash, Bloom! explores the impact of human action on the environment. This oversized bouquet of daffodils, calla lilies, trilliums, and monarch butterflies is fabricated from salvaged car parts and other recycled materials. These elements dance and swirl thirty feet into the air from a wide base of stems. Bloom! creates a fun and inviting installation that beckons participants to lounge beneath its shade and to experiment with interactive lighting.

Bloom! sparks a conversation about climate change and the global waste crisis. Through its sculptural elements and chosen materials, we examine sustainability and the concept of zero waste. We sourced materials in our West Oakland neighborhood, turning to salvage yards and the dump to find car bumpers, hoods, and discarded tires. FLUX radically transformed garbage destined for a landfill into something beautiful and awe-inspiring.

With Bloom! we ask participants to consider: How can we change our consumption and make a positive impact on our world? As we face global environmental crises, the question of how to reduce, reuse, and recycle on a micro and macro scale is imperative.

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Media: recycled car parts, metal, LED lights
Dimensions: height ca. 35’, grid ca.20’x 35’
Commissioning Agency: Philadelphia Zoo

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