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BrollyFlock (2011) is a renegade flock of umbrellas. Commissioned by Insomniac, producer of innovative music festivals and a supporter of large-scale, interactive art, it creates a fun and inviting installation, producing light, shade, mist and fire. It is a dancing swirl of mixed materials anchored by over-sized handles to a wide base. The sculpture consists of 55 umbrellas attached to a structure composed entirely of steel. Twenty brollies are fabricated from stainless steel mesh, nine of which contain propane flame effects. The remaining 35 umbrellas are lit by an elaborate system of LEDs and are constructed from steel and nylon fabric. The lowest umbrellas feature periodic misting systems, while the highest hold beautiful flame effects. BrollyFlock’s effects are controlled by a sophisticated custom-designed computer system that takes input from the crowd to generate swarming patterns of water, fire and light. By day the BrollyFlock is a refreshing landmark; by night its internal glow and fiery top enliven its surroundings and invite participants to gather beneath its flock.

For images of BrollyFlock, please visit the Flickr page.

Location: Electric Daisy Carnival 2011 – Las Vegas; Nocturnal Wonderland 2011 – San Bernadino, Marker Faire 2012 – San Mateo
Media: Mild steel & nylon
Dimensions: 35′ h x 30′ w
Commissioning Agency: Insomniac
Designed by: Jessica Hobbs, Rebecca Anders & Peter Kimelman






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