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‘Spire of Wishes’ Finds a Home

A few weeks ago, a stellar crew packed up the Spire of Wishes, and installed it in its new home in Healdsberg on a beautiful stretch of property owned by the wonderful and generous couple who purchased it at BRAF’s Artumnal Event in November 2010. The


Flux Foundation would like to thank BRAF for giving us the opportunity to create something that inspired our crew and helped raise funds to allow more people to make more art!

We are so happy to have it nestled in such a gorgeous natural environment, a perfect mirror of its elements. Here are some shots of the install (all images by Marc Hertlein). Stay tuned for updates on Fishbug and new projects!



One Response to “‘Spire of Wishes’ Finds a Home”

  1. arin says:

    looks like it belongs there. nice work flux