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Temple of Flux

Drawing its inspiration from canyons carved by wind and water over time, the Temple of Flux (2010) was commissioned by Burning Man for their 2010 event. It rose from the Black Rock Desert floor as a series of five graceful double-curved walls, structures mirroring its surrounding landscape. The walls stood in an overlapping, linear layout, allowing access from all sides via passages of varying widths between them. Oriented to the passages of the sun and moon, the many fissures in the smooth wall faces served as angled ports for changing luminosity. The illumination of the structure from within each night transformed its appearance from earth and rock to burning embers as shadows and light danced across the structure’s surfaces. The Temple of Flux was created as a place of physical and spiritual shelter, its scale and space simultaneously affording and inspiring a setting for reflection.

To see more images of the Temple of Flux, please visit the Flickr group.

Location: Black Rock Desert, NV – Burning Man Festival 2010
Media: Wood & mild steel
Dimensions: 190’ x 110’ x 40’
Commissioning Agency: Burning Man
Designed by: Jessica Hobbs, Rebecca Anders & Peter Kimelman

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