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Spire of Wishes

Spire of Wishes (2010) was commissioned by the Black Rocks Arts Foundation (BRAF) and temporarily installed in the Bentley Reserve Building in San Francisco in November 2010 for BRAF’s annual fundraising event, the Artumnal Gathering. The Bentley Reserve is a former Federal Reserve Bank, and the piece spoke directly to its surroundings. Built of recycled barn wood and gold leaf, the sculpture challenges the value society and the economy places on our natural resources. The Spire of Wishes created community in an otherwise barren hall by serving as a bench for visitors to sit, reflect and converse. The piece has since been purchased and is now in the private collection of Donnie Fowler and Heather Stephenson in Healdsburg, CA. The Flux Foundation would like to express its deep gratitude to Donnie & Heather for their support of art and community in the Bay Area.

Location: Black Rock Arts Foundation Artumnal Gathering: Bentley Reserve, San Francisco, CA
Media: Recycled wood, gold leaf
Dimensions: 12’ x 10’ x 15’
Commissioning Agency: Black Rock Arts Foundation

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