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This is what I can teach you…

Photo by Jess Hobbs

Wow. Wow. Wow. We just got back from a whilrwind trip to NYC where we had the opportunity to share the work for the Flux Foundation with the TED community…and beyond…at the TED 2010: Full Spectrum Auditions. What an inspiring experience. We shared the stage with some truly incredible people — musicians, astrophysicists, artists, innovators, makers, side-splitting satirists and so much more.

Check out our talk here! We start at 1:06:30.

In our talk, we asked the audience to participate. We asked people to write their name and address on a postcard and swap it with their neighbor. Then, we asked them to write down one thing they could teach someone — anything at all that they know how to do. We collected those cards. And what we got back was nothing short of totally awesome. A long list of the amazing skills and talents in that room. We did the same thing at Maker Faire last weekend with exactly the same results. People know how to do truly amazing stuff. We are going to drop all those postcards in the mail today. These little surprises will be dropping into mailboxes in cities around the world over the next week from Columbus to Paris, Chicago to Lucerne, and Brooklyn to London.

Learning and teaching is at the heart of what we’re doing in building really big art together. Everyone is a student and everyone is a teacher. And we all have something to learn. Here’s a list of everything you could learn from the folks in NYC at TED. Prepare to be inspired!

This is what they can teach you…



Stay tuned for some updates on BrollyFlock. While we were in NYC, the rest of the crew has been hard at work building brollies and electronics and so much more.


3 Responses to “This is what I can teach you…”

  1. SamUK says:

    Hi… I’m trying to watch your talk but the site says the content is password protected… It might be because I’m in the UK… Is there a password that I can use? Thanks. Sam

    • catie says:

      Unfortunately, I think that TED has password protected to talks. They were only available for a limited time, sadly. Thank you for being interested in what we do. If we ever get our own copy of the talk we will post it!

      • pwiddy says:

        TED usually releases talks episidically, so hopefully your talk will be released SOON! Looking forward to seeing it!