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Fertility can be understood as the space and propensity for growth. The most unlikely of things must conspire to create something unexpected. A deceptively small, almost unknowable thing can take root and flourish into something far more complex, unknowable and unpredictable from its inauspicious beginnings. A thought can grow into a revolution, an encounter into a relationship. It all begins with a seed. To describe this process Zoa (2012) unfolded in three parts; first, a beautiful, elegant, translucent structure inspired by seedpods rises from the desert floor; next, an awe inspiring mind-week burn; which revealed an unexpected sculptural array hidden within. Three sinuous forms pulse with a fiery glow, seeming to breathe and dance. Two have propane-based interactive effects and one a gently dripping liquid fountain. Ground-level pressure sensors encourage participant interaction and play. Embedded LEDs provide a further changing display of color and intensity, which are affected by the crowds movement and sound.

Location: Burning Man Festival 2012 – Black Rock Desert, NV & Nocturnal Wonderland 2012 – San Bernadino
Media: Mild steel (w/ finish), LED lighting effects, flame effects
Dimensions: height ca. 25’, footprint ca. 27’x27’.
Commissioning Agency: Burning Man


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