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Dragons and Maker Faire Prep

Welcome new FLUX artist (and blogger) Kali! Her observations and excitement remind us why we do this crazy BIG art thing! Kali, take it from here…..

“Cover!” shouts Cheryl. I grab my face mask and hover over her shoulder to watch the sparks fly.

The fabulous Zoa project is coming together as the Flux artists are busy hammering out models, drawing up action plans, organizing the shop, and teaching metal fabrication classes. We are also excited for our presence at the Maker Faire (May 19-20, 2012)

Last night in the shop I witnessed several projects being prepped and finished for the Maker Faire event including the Weevils, BrollyFlock!, and the Dragon Wagon. Cheryl shared with me some of her techniques for welding and grinding on the Dragon. Laying down the scales appeared to me to be the most challenging. She had to weld the thin pieces of sheet metal onto the small piping of the dragon’s neck and jaw.

“It’s a lot like performing surgery.” She explained. I held my breath in hopes she wouldn’t accidentally burn a

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hole into the Dragon Wagon’s beautiful scales.

The finishing touches to the neck were made, remaining scales fastened, and we mounted the head. Does it shoot fire, you ask? – well of course! All this amazing work coming out of the shop and this is just the beginning of the season here at Flux!


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