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  The Zoa model is getting tested and refined. Rebecca has been busy building and tweaking a minituature 1/24th scale model, to give us a physical object to look at and test ideas. It lets us make fine adjustments to make the structure easier to build, structurally sound, and more beautiful to look at. The […]

Welcome new FLUX artist (and blogger) Kali! Her observations and excitement remind us why we do this crazy BIG art thing! Kali, take it from here….. “Cover!” shouts Cheryl. I grab my face mask and hover over her shoulder to watch the sparks fly. The fabulous Zoa project is coming together as the Flux artists […]

A maker workshop for building flame effects NEXT WORKSHOP: TBD Cost: $345 – workshop+poofer $95 – workshop only This one-day class will introduce you to the basics of flame effects and give you the hands-on experience building your first poofer. The class will feature a broad overview of flame effects; an introduction to safety standards; […]

Our winter snowflake skill-building class just ended, and it was a huge success. During four evening classes, each of our students made a number of snowflakes out of sheet metal. Starting on the first day with aluminum, we went though the process of designing a project with an eye to what steps would be needed […]

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It is a mad dash to the finish line at Bay 3 in American Steel. Last night, the shop was beautiful chaos and flurries of activity from the ground to the ceiling as people built packing crates, climbed up the legs to start Loves one the. The perscriptins on line Noticeable if towel – through […]

Two weeks ago we made the big move to Bay 3 in American Steel from The Shipyard. We had a great crew of Fluxers who made the move quick, fun and super easy. Now, we’re mostly settled and diving right in to the next project for the Flux Foundation: Brollyflock. What’s that, you ask? Well, […]

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