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My First Poofer! Workshop

A maker workshop for building flame effects

Cost: $345 – workshop+poofer
$95 – workshop only

This one-day class will introduce you to the basics of flame effects and give you the hands-on experience building your first poofer. The class will feature a broad overview of flame effects; an introduction to safety standards; and a review of the basic design of a specific flame effect — the poofer. Once you understand these concepts, you’ll team up with one or two other students to build a poofer together.

What you’ll learn:
*How to be safe AND set things on fire!
*How to use new tools, like the baby spud!
*The world of flare and NPT fittings!
*The appreciation of the swivel hose barb and the beauty of the snap fitting!
*A new vocabulary that, on its own, will make you smarter than most people you know!

How it works:
This workshop has options: you can simply take the workshop to learn about building poofers, or, for an additional materials fee, you can walk away with your very own poofer! Either way, you will walk away with a diagram, parts list and arsenal of skills and knowledge to build a flame effect of your own in no time. Limit: 10 students (5 workshop only; 5 workshop+poofer).

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  1. john bergman says:

    I would like to participate